ADAS Calibration Service

Does your car have ADAS ?

Well, a lot of people have no idea if their car has ADAS, or don't know what ADAS is !

So if this is you please see the information below from our ADAS partner 


Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), are intelligent systems to help assist motorists whilst they are driving on the road.

LED Matrix Headlamps and Lane Departure Warning systems, for instance, use a camera mounted in the top of the windscreen to see the road ahead, whilst Adaptive Cruise Control and Braking Guard Collision Detection and Emergency Braking Systems utilise a radar mounted in the front lower grille.

ADAS systems rely on a combination of cameras and radars to work as intended.

Following wheel alignment, windscreen replacement or any kind of collision, either major accident or even a minor kerb bump, the camera or radar device can become mis-aligned and this could have a significant impact on the functionality of an ADAS feature, which could be the difference between avoiding an accident or not.

Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems or ADAS, are a family of safety systems designed to work together to automate and enhance vehicle safety.

Each system either alerts the driver to potential hazards, aids vision on the road ahead or can even step in to apply semi-autonomous emergency braking or steering.

The standard form of ADAS, often found fitted as standard to most modern vehicles, consists of a radar device located in the centre of the lower front grille. More sophisticated set-ups also employ a camera to read the road’s white lines in a system called Lane Assist, or adjust headlamps so as not to dazzle oncoming traffic and place a light pattern on the road ahead.


If your car has been involved in an accident we can offer you an ADAS calibration, please contact us